Coming out of the subway at the Potomac Station

Coming out of the subway at the Potomac Station

Hello Friends and Family, I want to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of you that made my trip to Washington DC for the DC912 rally possible for me.  There were huge personal sacrifices I made in order to be there, like missing Jackson’s first day of school and not getting to pick Madeline up from her first day of school.  I felt it was something that needed to be done and for that I am thankful that I made the decision I made to go.

On Wednesday afternoon I started my journey from Ontario, CA, arriving into DC about 11:00pm and making my way to the room which I rented from a couple of young girls in DC.  I used http://www.airbnb.com to find a room at a reasonable rate with locals in DC. The reason I felt so passionate about attending this rally is because I feel that more people need to stand up and voice their opposition to this administration.  I want to clear the air on a subject matter as well.  I am getting sick and tired of Obamas supporters on their self induced diatribes that we are doing this out of racism, bigotry and just down right looking to make sure this President fails.  Are they that stupid to not see what the real issues are here?

We have a President that is trying to push all this horse s*it down our throats at neck break speed.  What happened to his campaign promises of transparency and giving bi-partisan consideration. Well, for those liberals / progressives out there that don’t know this, the Republicans have submitted 37, yes 37 healthcare reform bills, but guess who won’t even consider them?  Yes, you got it, the President and Nancy Pelosi.  So when the President says his door is open and he is willing to talk to Republicans, he LIES! I learned so much in Washington, I can’t believe that our Capital runs on so much corruption.  You don’t know who is in it for the good of humanity or who is in it for the power, money and greed that comes along with politics. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and opinions while I explore this great city of ours.

The Washington Examiner reported on the Republicans options:  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Democrats-stifle-Republican-health-care-plans-8224780-58644807.html

Thank you,

Donna Lowe


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