Sean Hannity exposes the man-made drought in California

Hello friends and family,

I am writing to you hoping you will pass this along to everyone you know.  We need to flood Nancy Pelosi’s office, yet again, with letters of disgust and rage at what she is doing to the California ag workers in the central valley.  As all of you know this issue has been coming to a head for quiet sometime.  Last night Sean Hannity did an excellent expose on this topic.

People who are close to this issue are calling this a man-made drought brought on by the radical leftist environmental quack jobs.

Help save our agriculture.  When we bought baby goods from China we later found out that they were contaminated with lead, just think about what would be in our foods if we started imported ALL our food from them.

Maybe this is Pelosi’s way of scratching the backs of the Chinese, since they have bought so many of the US bonds that are going to be worthless in the coming years.  Just my two cents.

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One response to “Sean Hannity exposes the man-made drought in California

  1. My X husband and I used to own a ranch in Clovis, in the central valley (cattle & horses). I still have friends there and what you saw on TV was just the tip of the iceberg. They should have shown the the orchards and vinyards that have been torn out or left to die. I have friends that tell me it makes them sick to drive by these farms that have been producing for years and seeing the farmers piling up the trees and vines and burning them. Not only that…it is the farm workers center and now they are on the public dole,,,how much do you think that is costing us?

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