Our troops need to hear our rally!!!

A good friend sent this to me today.  I think we need to rally together and send some good wishes their way.

Email from my friend:

Below you will find the address of Bradley W. Baiotto.  Brad is the son of a lady I taught with for many years in Glendora.  He was recently deployed to Afghanistan, and I know would appreciate any notes or parcel of support.  This is his 3rd deployment – last two were in Iraq.

His father, Paul, commented that it may be difficult for him and his company to respond with personal thank you notes, but all support if greatly appreciated.

If you have time and would like to send a note or parcel, please do so.


You may want to address it to:  Bradley W. Baiotto and Members of the Alpha Company

Some of these guys get NO MAIL at all.


First Sergeant Bradley W. Baiotto

FOB  Farah

Attention:   Alpha Company

APO  AE  09382

I’m certain any encouragement will be well received.  Things are VERY dangerous in the Farah region.


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