About me and my blog

California State Assembly, District 41

Donna Sue Lowe

Donna Sue Lowe


5 responses to “About me and my blog

  1. Hi Donna:
    Admiring your values in your life that are the same I praise and live by.
    You are an inspiration for all. young and old.

  2. Who am I? I am Unvetted, unqualified, unaccounatable, unknown, highly paid ($ 150-$200K per year) and demand respect. I am usurping the power of the Congress of Advise and Consent granted by our Constitution and doing it right under their noses, and they are too stupid to even notice.

    I am the CZAR!!

  3. Amen I say to you and kudos for attending. I watched on Fox and felt proud of all who were there! I will be interested in your future political views. Hope the fam is all well.

  4. Great photos and postings. We are all impressed and proud of you for your willingness to actively try to make improvements, rather than just sitting around and complainaing that things are getting worse.

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