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Mountain View Republican Club general meeting – Feb 15

Mark your calendars for Monday, Feb. 15. Our meeting will be in La Verne at Garden Square Restaurant.
Carolyn Gonzales

Mountain View Republican Club

Monday, February 15, 2009 @ 6:30 p.m.

Garden Square Restaurant

1401 Foothill Blvd.
La Verne, CA 91750
RSVP (626) 224-1169

$17.00 Dinner Included

Topic: California Politics: Disaster in 2010

We Can Alter Our Destiny

Renown Speaker: Mr. Stephen Frank

Publisher: California Political News and Views

Stephen Frank, renown speaker and publisher of “California Political News and Views” is an expert on California politics; legislative issues and trappings. He peels away the layers of what upcoming bills and past bills will bring, or have brought, to our State and ultimately to our budget. He understands the “why” and by “whom” and the unintended consequences that often follow well intended concepts. His insight and inside information opens the door to our understanding of the players, the message, and our future.

* Served in Viet Nam, First Infantry Division
* Past California Republican Party Parliamentarian (three terms)
* Past President, California Republican Assembly
* Past First Assistant Secretary, California Republican Party
* Founder, National Federation of Republican Assemblies
* Member, 1971 White House Conference on Youth


Healthcare – open discussion with Joel Hay, PhD USC

Join the MVGOP at El Ranchero in Claremont, CA for an open discussion on health care featuring Joel Hay, PhD from USC – 1/18, 6:30 – $16.00 per plate, call me to reserve – 909-626-9339

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Glenn Beck: What’s Complicated About Tea Party Movement?

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Glenn Beck: What’s Complicated About Tea Party Movement?

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Our troops need to hear our rally!!!

A good friend sent this to me today.  I think we need to rally together and send some good wishes their way.

Email from my friend:

Below you will find the address of Bradley W. Baiotto.  Brad is the son of a lady I taught with for many years in Glendora.  He was recently deployed to Afghanistan, and I know would appreciate any notes or parcel of support.  This is his 3rd deployment – last two were in Iraq.

His father, Paul, commented that it may be difficult for him and his company to respond with personal thank you notes, but all support if greatly appreciated.

If you have time and would like to send a note or parcel, please do so.


You may want to address it to:  Bradley W. Baiotto and Members of the Alpha Company

Some of these guys get NO MAIL at all.


First Sergeant Bradley W. Baiotto

FOB  Farah

Attention:   Alpha Company

APO  AE  09382

I’m certain any encouragement will be well received.  Things are VERY dangerous in the Farah region.

Sean Hannity exposes the man-made drought in California

Hello friends and family,

I am writing to you hoping you will pass this along to everyone you know.  We need to flood Nancy Pelosi’s office, yet again, with letters of disgust and rage at what she is doing to the California ag workers in the central valley.  As all of you know this issue has been coming to a head for quiet sometime.  Last night Sean Hannity did an excellent expose on this topic.

People who are close to this issue are calling this a man-made drought brought on by the radical leftist environmental quack jobs.

Help save our agriculture.  When we bought baby goods from China we later found out that they were contaminated with lead, just think about what would be in our foods if we started imported ALL our food from them.

Maybe this is Pelosi’s way of scratching the backs of the Chinese, since they have bought so many of the US bonds that are going to be worthless in the coming years.  Just my two cents.

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Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Cover of Time: Glenn?

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Cover of Time: Glenn?

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ACU 9/12 March on DC

Hey y’all, someone just sent this to me and I am in it! I was captured on video!!!! Enjoy.

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